Open for Business

There was a fair turn out for the opening of the Cowes Police Station today. The Police Minister officiated.


Current Event

For anyone that hasn’t heard of it, Supply Nation is a Federal initiative to improve Indigenous participation in business.¬† Winya is opening a Melbourne office. See link for the event.


Shared space

It was a tough site, for this new community space at the base of a 30 storey apartment tower, low headroom meant we couldn’t install ceilings but we had to make services provisions and keep the industrial aesthetic under control. The existing concrete surfaces were used as a backdrop and with a few splashes of colour and smart led strip highlights; it will be a popular local community space at Docklands we hope.

At Your Convenience

Because we do a lot of work for Councils inevitably there are lots of public convenience projects! We have in the past assisted the City of Melbourne with written specifications on a prefabricated building that is yet to be built. But we have also just now completed doing the specification for a new generation of green Heritage wc’s that meet the 2009 Disability Standard. COM have some outstanding internal expertise in the prefabricated building area and it’s great to assist them on these projects.